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Sun · 6/24/18

Please note that we will be meeting at State Hall (5143 Cass Avenue), Room 206 on Wayne State Campus.

If you want to discover something worth living for, then you will not want to miss out Sunday Celebrations this summer! Our series this summer is titled "God Heart". Together, we will learn about the things and people that God loves. When we know what God's heart breaks for and yearns for, it begins to motivate us as his children to seek and strive for the same things.  God's heart series is going to mess your life up because it will motivate you to love the things that God loves. And love is a powerful thing. It compels us to sacrifice. It motivates us to give. It motivated Christ to die on the cross for us.

God's heart - a series of sermons on God's heart for his glory and for his people.  Don't miss out! Learn to love the things that God loves. We will be meeting in room 206 of Wayne State's State Hall on Sunday June 24th - See you there!