Harvest Mission International

As Christ has called us to ‘make disciples of all nations’ (Matthew 28:19), we value the importance of the local church making an impact in its surrounding community for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Similar to the early church seen in the Book of Acts, we believe in doing missions through planting churches. It is our desire to establish and raise up visible local bodies of Christ’s followers who are witnesses to their own communities. Specifically, we seek to target cities with viable college campuses, as students are the future leaders of our world. As a church reaches a campus, we believe that it will begin to impact the community, the city, and ultimately, the nations. Currently HMI is involved in short-term projects both locally and internationally. Starting in Ann Arbor, HMI now has church plants in Austin, Jakarta, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and is planting a church in Detroit, MI in 2018.