Special Sermons \ Real Rest

  • April 29, 2018
  • Pastor Samuel Beck
  • Sunday Celebration

Sermon Summary

   For modern people, our lives are often marked by fatigue, stress and anxiety. Most of would eagerly agree that we could use more time, more sleep, and more rest. And yet, even though God has given us opportunities to rest, we often reject opportunities to rest in favor of more work, more activity, and more busyness. Why? In this sermon, we discover God's heart for us in the Sabbath.  Rest is both a gift and a command given to us from God. Indeed, God has given us the Sabbath as a day to rest! Come check this sermon out and discover God's plan for rest in your life!

Special Sermons Series

Periodically, our church will depart from a regular sermon series in order to address special topics.